Optimisation of small wastewater treatment facilities

The BONUS OPTITREAT project promotes development and aims to optimise the efficiency of small wastewater treatment systems techniques already available on the market in the Baltic Sea region.

During the project tests will be performed in batch experiments and of three type techniques for holistic assessment of reduction efficiencies of: nutrients, patogens, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

In addition, over 200 earlier facility test results will be included in a benchmarking synthesis of optimisation of reduction efficiencies. Policy tools and examples of good  practice of the maintenance of the facilities will be explored. The project will transfer the knowledge to SMEs and governmental stakeholders at a dialogue forum.

Picture: Lake Lillsjön Sweden, discharging directly to the Baltic proper, heavily eutrofied lake largely due to onsite wastewater treatment (by Helene Ejhed).


Introductory article: see page 8 of
BONUS in Brief May 2014 External link.

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